Let’s be honest, there are rental agents and there are rental agents and most are offering pretty much the same service at a similar price, making similar promises and claims. You could expect a reasonable and average level of expertise and functions from most agencies.

Below are 5 reasons that make us stand out!

1. Expertise, Experience & Training

A large majority of rental agents have only being doing this for less than 2 years. It’s become a popular business as a sideline to Real Estate Sales. The average rental agent has a very rudimentary training in lease law and advanced rental practice. As a Residential Rental Specialist Grant has been in real estate and property management for over 12 years. His training and qualifications include;

• Sectional Title Specialist Realtor – UCT
• Advanced Rental Practice – UCT
• Certified Residential Specialist – CRS
• Continuous Rental Training – Assessment Centre
• Rentals and Advanced Rentals – Institute of Estate Agents

2. Legal Backing

Grant and his team have relationships with experts in lease and rental law and have ensured these are on hand for clients. Most likely the only Rental Agency who includes a free consultation and letter of demand in their fees. Eviction costs have also been negotiated down to be the most cost effective figure for their landlords.

3. The RE/MAX Brand and Exposure

Remax is the biggest Real Estate brand in the world and naturally offers the most extensive online reach of any other brand or company. Not only do we advertise on SA’s best property sites but we also use platforms like community classifieds and our own very popular social Media platforms.

4. Administration & Management Systems

We use tried and tested property management tools and accounting software to ensure highly accurate record keeping. We have all records kept securely online and our screening processes and administration are exceptional. Our dedicated staff are pro-active and responsive. We use modern and advanced methods of inspections and reporting to ensure your best interests are covered.

5. Client Testimonials

We are confident in saying we probably have an incomparable list of Client Testimonials from delighted and satisfied Landlords and Tenants. We are certain nobody could present a more compelling list. This list grows almost monthly. Click here to view testimonials.