Is it a good time for you to sell?

Is it a good time for you to sell?

5 Points to consider before you make a call to an agent:

  1. The Market Conditions, there’s no doubt the sentiment in the market has strengthened, even with talk of doom and gloom, many properties sell within days in the City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard. Demand is strong and it is favoring sellers. So is it a good market to sell? The simple answer, if you are ready to sell, yes!


  1. Home or Investment?

If the property is your home and you have outgrown it it’s too big or it has become a burden then this may be a good reason to downscale or upgrade and it would be a fair time to do so as long as you have a legitimate ‘gameplan’. Know where you want to buy next and what you’re likely to pay. If the property is a rental investment and your yield is 6% per annum or more with reasonable rates and levies then you have a fine investment and there would be little reason other than financial burden to sell.

  1. You’ve Considered the Rands

It is prudent to be financially informed regarding the current equity in your home and not to sell when this is in the negative as this has significant credit ramifications and is simply a bad idea. It stands to reason you’d be ready to sell if you have enough equity to afford the costs and deposit on your next purchase. It may also be prudent to consider the sale of a property if you simply can no longer afford the repayments.

  1. Dealt with the emotion

Are you ready to sell from an emotional point of view? Fact is you need to be prepared for;

  • Doing some DIY to get the house sale ready
  • Endure weeks of viewings and show days
  • Leave some very deep and special family memories behind
  • Be prepared to hear things buyers don’t like about your home

Without talking you out of selling, prepare mentally before you make the call to your Property Professional

  1. You’re Willing and Able

Being in a position to listen to a true professional in Sales will take a measure of trust but it is crucial to be in a position to hear your well-chosen agent’s advice in how to price correctly, how the market is responding and how to proceed with offers. Nothing worse for agent’s than the words ‘we’re not in a rush’. Ask yourself if you are ready to let go and sign within a day if your agent brings you an offer?

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